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27: 1up 2down 3through 4on 5off 6down to 7on 8up 9aside 10out 11up 12with 13back 14back 15off 16on 17for 20:down 21:for 23:through 22 out 27on 28away 12: 2.if you had woked me up i wouldn´t be late for... 3.If she were well-qualificated she would have get ... 4.if we liked fast food we would have gone to the restaurant 5. if she had brough she wouldn´t be getting wet now 6. if i knew well i would have gone to the party 7. he will be if she had been told 8. if they had taken a map with them they wouldn´t be lost now 9.if the driver were carefull he wouldn´t have crashed ... 10. if i had bought tickets we could go to the ... 11. if he had reserved a table he woulndn´t have to wait ... 12. if sue hadn´t forgotten to go to the bank now she could go ... 13. if they hadn´t missed their fligt they would arrive today. 16. 2. could 3.had 4.were 5.would 6.had 7.would 8.would 25. 1.not detras de better 2. better / prefer to rather 3. tided 4.to 5.came 6.don´t 7.would 8.will 18: 2.i would prefer watch film premiere because i prefer film to rock 5.i would rather have some new clothes because i Could fall with the rollerblades 6. i would rather buy a new wath because they would get ungry a lot. 19: 2.reading/watching 3.had played 4.book 5.didn´t tidy 6.to stay 7.playing/done 8.go 9.hadn´t made 10.work 11.don´t mention 12.stayed 13.would have spent 14.have eaten 15.don´t go

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