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I am confused about my future, because I dont know what studty when I finish the high school.
This year I am studying very much in the high school, but I haven't a lot of time for me to study because I go to the conservatoire of dance every day and I finish very tired.
The next year, I will finish the high school and I will finish the career of dance in four years.
I think that only I am going to studying the career of dance because Its very difficult and strong way.
Maybe,I will study superior qualification to be an actress (I like it since I was a little girl) or a children teacher ( I like little children very much) .

My favourites films is pirates of caribbean and I am going to talking about it.
Pirates of caribbean is a film about pirates that have found money.
The plot of the film is that Jack, a poor pirates, makes new friends ( Elizabet and Will ). They have found money which is hidden on the ocean but they will have to fight with other pirates because they want the money too. The film has some violent scenes but it has romantic scenes, (when Elizabet kissed Will for example) action, adventure, science fiction and comedy.
All of te actors are excellent and the film is very good.
To sum up, I think that people will have to it because they are going to enjoy.

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