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Humans Rights

today most of the countries with communist government have suffered great misery. There countries such as china, cuba and venezuela where some parts of the population have hardship while the other benefits from their suffering,. In these countries where the state controls everything freedom of expresión and human Rights are limited. Korea, china y cuba are clear example of communism many of these continue at the present such as cuba initiated by Fidel castro. In this country highlights the lack of rights the people and that  have not  a minimun. many  people emigrate for other countries. with all this i mean that all human being should have Rights. These countries should change and become democratic as we all have the right to choose who governs us.


Democracy is a way of organization where people can to choose their representatives in parliament. Fortunately in spain exists while in some countries like Cuba or Venezuela still remains a dictatorship so that people are not free, therefore unable to express their opinions or ideas. However, with democracy citizens have more rights, for example free of expresión, free of religión, etc. And with it we can be the same. In my opinión with this way of organization our society becomes better because i think that people wont to choose who will represen them. Democracy started in ancient Greece where people chose someone to represent them . today people are free to chose who represents them in parlament and the goverment is elected by the people of the country

The third world -ONG

Unfortunately in the World there are a lot of misfortunes, one of these which it is very sad, is the third World where a lot of people especially children are hungry and have many diseases for example “yellow fever” or “ malaria”. This situación could be resolved  if other countries gave help. Like  medicines, clothes, food, etc. Never theless some countries and organizations like “manos unidas”, “save the children “, etc. Help the third World but this is not enough it seems that this terrible situation will never stop. So i think that through NGO we can help although some people think not as in this way we caN send from Money to food and we can even help to build schools, houses, etc.  if each person works with a little money this misery and hunger faced by millions of people would end and the world would be better.

Animals in danger.

today there are many endangered animals, the majority of cases is caused by intensive hunting that have suffered many of the animals or in some cases is because humans have destroyed the ecosystem or where these animals lived so these are forced to flee and seek new territory to live, to improve this situation have created several organization and reserves that protect these animals from extinction pelidro also have created the zoo where many animals were in danger.
one of the causes of endangered animals is to hunt as many animals are very rare or others have a high value on the market. in the opinion of all people should become aware and help protect animals.

Environmentally friendly action Some actions friendly with the enviorement are the recycled phones because in the UK many people replace their phones every eighteen months while in Europe, 58 million Mobile phones are replaced each year. To solve this problem many charities and enviromental agencies are working hard to try and encourage more people to recycle their phones also other friendly actions with the enviorment have been the creation of the recycling bins to dispose rubbish. Those are divided in four groups, the first group is for cardboard which is blue, the second group is for plastic which is green,  the third is to oil which is orange and the fourth is for bottles and glass which is yellow. There is also one bin to the general rubbish where the people thrown their organic rubbish.

Education the education is  very important for the future of millons of teenagers as they need it to get good Jobs and have a decent quality of the life. Years ago education was something that not everybody Could afford but through history  has changed, slowly opening Doors for more education and opportunity initially it was only for families with Money and men, then education became compulsory free and also for women but always supported by the catholic church . So It developed and was the evolution of  even women started to go university, chance changing the Photo type of the old families. It is true that education in this aspect has changed but today because of the crisis there are many young people with a good education working in mundane Jobs. In conclusión education has given us the oportunity to see the World as it is and open doors   for us as never before.

Privacy  Every human being  has the right to privacy as it is one of the primary Rights we all have but famous people do not Konw what a is  privacy means. It is true that being a Celebrity is son incredible experience. you meet many people you can be a role model for many teens and have a lot of money … it all looks very nice but it also has it is down side people can become obsessed for you in  a way that it can invade your privacity. You cant go out to dinner like a normal person with  your family, friends  because of that  paparazzi will be waiting to your photo and ask you a lot of questions, creating rumors, etc… Therefore prefer to be a normal person with a normal life and live with my family and friends where no one is watching. I want people to like me for myself.

nature I believe we should not burn the trees or killing animals or throw waste into the sea, etc, etc. If we pollute the planet we will run it, so you have to recycle, Aimal kill only if necessary, cut trees and then to replant. If we do that and more we can save the planet and to live longer and not have to suffer.
nauraleza besides that is what produces the oxygen that makes people can live, this oxygen is produced by the trees but nowadays many trees are cut to make paper, cupboards, sills, etc. in my opinion people should be aware and help protect the nauraleza.

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