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Zero Conditional: (always time)---- if present /present ex: if people don´t eat they get hungry

First Conditional: (possible) if+ present simple: will, imperative, modals ex: if you see Tom, give him my regards

Second Conditional: (unlikely-hypothetical present): if + past simple: conditional simple ex: if I won the lottery, I would travel all over the world

Third Conditional:  (hypothetical Past): if + past perfect: conditional perfect ex: if I had taken my umbrella, I wouldn´t have got wet

Verbs relationships:

Ask someone out: prguntar para salir

Cheat one someone: engañar

Fall in love with someone: enamorarse

Finish with someone: terminar con

Get one well with: llevarse bien

Go out together for: salir juntos

Go out with someone: salir con alguien

Have an argument: discutir

Introduce someone to: presentar alguien a

Split up: romper




Bighead: cabezón

Bore: aburrido

Bully: maton

Eccentric: excentrico

Flirt: flirtear

Geek: estupido

Genius: genio

Hypocrite: hipócrita

Joker: bromista

Liar: mentiroso

Loner: solitario

Romantic: romántico

Get angry: enfadarse

Get dark: oscurecer

Get better: ponerse major

Get married: casarse

Get dressed: vestirse

Get old: envejecer

Go for a walk: ir de paseo

Go  mad: volverse loco

Go bald: qdarse calvo

Go sleep: irse a drmir

Go red: enrojecer

Go blind: qdarse ciego

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