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1. The characters in this story are:

Anna (the protagonist), Uncle Bob, Julia (Anna's best friend), Anna's parents and astronaut ghost.

2. The story happened in Anna’s house.

3. The story begins when Uncle Bob gives him the computer and two o'clock in the morning, the computer was on. The story takes place for several days.

4. Anna talks by E-mails, on the uncle bob’s computer, with an astronaut, who had died ten years ago. When she realize the astronaut is a ghost, she plucks up courage and tells her parents she wants to be an astronaut

5. What happened was Anna wanted to be an astronaut. Their parents were against that dream, they said “Anna will be a doctor”.

His uncle Bob and his best friend were agreed. Anna secretly sent a letter to NASA.

One day Anna’s uncle gave her a computer. That night came a message to the pc and she thought it was her uncle.

Days after she found out that whoever wrote it was an astronaut and she thought it was the answer to the letter she sent to NASA.

Shortly after, she went to talk to his father about the messages. Then she saw on TV her friend astronaut, she asked to her father, "who is that woman?"

Anna's father answered that she was an astronaut; she had died 10 years ago. Anna went blank.

The next day, she steeled herself and she told her dream to her parents. At first, they don’t like the idea, but they talked to Anna’s teacher. She said “Anna must follow her dream”.

So Anna went to college in America, and after five years she went to work for NASA. She never forgot the strange messages from space.

6.What I liked about the book were the stories of terror, because I did grace

7. What I didn′t liked about the book was that the stories were in English and it's hard to understand for me

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