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Description an object:thickness-grossor,deep-profundo,height-altura,wide-ancho,steel-acero,wood-madera,rubber-goma,copper(solid)-mazizo,iron-hierro,

-is a solid wooden block of height 5cm,lenght 10cm and witch 4cm

-is a hollow aluminium block of 0,72cm long,0,2cm thinck and 0,32cm wide

The block B rest on a slope.a string is attached to one end of the block and passes over a pulley the top of the slope.A weight W is suspended from the end of the string.when the block slides down the slope,it pulls the string and raises the the same time,the pulley rotates in a clockwith direction.

A thistle funnel….in-top-bottom-through-bellow-into-inverted-top-above-over-a long-into-up-through-down-falds

Of:para cosas o lugares,

On: Lo utilizamos con días de la semana, fechas y fiestas.

At: delante de la hora y de fiestas.

In: Lo utilizamos con meses, años, épocas, partes del día, y períodos de tiempo

Between:delante.-Begin:detrás de


Many: Es utilizado sobretodo en frases negativas e interrogativas-A few:un poco con incontables

se utiliza "any" para los nombres contables en singular y los nombres contables en plural, pero sólo en frases negativas o interrogativas


















Que,a quien









Job descrption of the chief mechanic:the chief mechanic is responsible for maintaining all the mechanical equipment on the oil rig.he repairs the diesel generators,and maintains every machine on the rig.he checks all the equipment daily,and makes sure that all machies are in good working order.he inspects broken equipment and orders replacement parts and new tools.most of the time he works outside or on deck.the chief mechanic reports to the rig maintenance manager,and supervises a small crew of two assistant mechanics and two motormen.he normally has a two weeks on/two weeks off schedule.

Secretary:She works in a office.she takes a lift and upstairs everyday to go office.she has organize papers and documents of the chief.she has to take telephone and inform other people.she writes in the agenda the meetings and events.

Formula 1:wheel-jack:place the jacks under the front and rear of the car-raise the car off the ground-wait-lower the car to the ground-take the jacks away.

Wheel-gun:loosen the wheel nuts on the old wheels-wait-tighten the wheel nuts on the new wheels-raise the hans to signal that ok.

Wheel-off:take the old wheels off-take the wheels away.

Wheel-on:bring out the new wheels-adjust the air pressure of the tyres-wait-take the covers off the new wheels-put the new wheels on the car

Fuel:push the nozzle into the fuel socket of the car-punp fuel into the car-pull out the fuel nozzle-clean the fuel.

Murata boyWeighs less than 5kg and is only 508mm tall,but it can do something that no other robot can can ride a does it do this?by means of sensor and wireless sensor is located in the robot’s body.this sensor keeps the robot upright and prevents it from falling sideways.the robot can look ahead using a small camera in its chest.this sensor prevents it from hitting a wall or other object.the robot can receive instructions from an external computer by means of a wireless receiver in the box on its back.the computer makes it follow the correct road.finally,if the road is not flat,another sensor(in the frame of the bike)can feel the movement of the wheel.the sensor allows the robot to ride over bumps in the road.

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