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THE GREAT STORM 20 YEARS ON.   1 A   the  freak storm caused terrible disasters since the house were destroyed many people were hurt even they died B meteorological technology use satellites for predict terrible catastrofits such as the one great britain in 1987   2    A- verdadero primer parrafo " twenty years..... hasta the great storm" B- falsa  cuarto parrafo entero  C- Falsa tercer parrafo   3 A-caught out   B-debris   C-black out   D- uprooted   4  1-c 2-b 3-a.  SCHOOLS EXCLUDE 10 PUPILS A DAY    1 A  the main reasons are for expelling pupils from british schools due to the fact that this pupils practice the violence with their partners and teachers   B mentors task is a way form to help the pupils who have several problems in schools.  2 A- falsa segundo parrafo toda la primera frase  B falsa tercer parrafo  C- verdadera tercer parrafo 3 A-support B mentors C-intensive D-exclude   4 1-A  primer parrafo segunda  frase 2-C  3-B ultima linea    16 TH CENTURY ROYAL LETTER FOR SALE  1 A king henry want the pope to accepted the divorced with her wife catherine because he wanted a baby son with other woman. B the price reflect a very quick look into a  socialety based on brutality and totalitarium  2 A-falsa tercer parrafo segunda frase B- fala cuarto parrafo"in it she..."  C-falsa cuarto parrafo tercera frase   A- pleads B-affronts  C-glimpse D-defied    4  1-b segundo parrafo 2-A    3-B

THE 275 MILLION DOLLAR MAN 1 A moving to the USA would help beckham due to the fact that his name isn´t popular in this market and he could make a lot of money selling his product B lost of sports starts do promotion sport producyts in order to make money 2 A- FALSA 4 parrafo toda la primera frase B -FALSA 1 parrafo ultima frase C- VERDADERA 3 parrafo tercera frase "he has a smooth...." 3 A= appeal. B=endorseC= mega D=metrosexual. 4 1-c is a pop music celebrity cuarto parrafo al final 2-a used to play tennis very well 2 parrafo a mitad 3-aabig name 2 parrafo al final del todo .SPAIN RESIZES CLOTHES FOR WOMEN 1 A Spain is to change clothing sizes for women in order to avoid diseases caused for stopping eating. B Spanish fashion houses have agreed to adapt their sizes to the real spanish bodies and females after measuring to preventeating disorders 2 A- verdadera 4 parrafo ultima frase.B- verdadera segundo parrafo entero C segundo parrafo segunda linea 3 A=manikins B= fit, C=bowed to, D= a source of. 4. 1-A Tercer parrafo 2-c cuarto parrafo 3-c tercer parrafo WHERE THE THIRD WORLD IS FIRST 1 A the struggle for survival is hard in the third world since they are really poor as a result many of them die to the fact they have nothing to eat and they need many foods for survival. B many children in the rich countries need profeesional attention due to the fact that they live in a society where they stay alone at home without the love of their parents 2 A-falsa primer parrafo primera linea B-F 1 parrafo ultima linea C- verdadera cuarto parrafo tercera linea 3 A-fight B intimate C people from your family D- intimate 4 1-A cuarto parrafo ultima linea2- B cuarto parrafo primera linea 3-B primer parrafo segunda linea

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