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WRITE A REVIEW OF A CONCERT THAT YOU HAVE:my favourite singer is Pablo Alborán.this is a good singer and he is very creative with his sings to main illusion was go to the Pablo Alborán's concert for i can see in person. When i went to his concert i feel very lucky for being there.i was very happy and i was singing with he.what is more, he threw me a t-shirt signed by he. in his last sing light out.he was very brillant and he was well-known.he had very talented.i was listen to his music when he down to the scene and he went up me to the scene for sing! this day,i pass really good.the fashion...the media should use ordinary people..:the shops should use ordinary people for its pass models,publicity and clerks.the shops are very aggresive with its adverts as the ordinary people feel complexed with their is a weel-known fact that this leads to young people do diets for feel better.worst of all is that this diets are bad for health as the adolescents stop eating.personally,i think that this is not a good idea. my main reason is that the ordinary people do not feel comfortable and they try be as they.all in all,the shops should prohibit that in its adverts appear supermodels.

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