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a realitive differenceF2p(final)y F3p(development). link, skull, leap forward, seemingly. if you don't ask him a question he won't speak to you. i had to do it at once. difficult for us to do. is being investigated by some. american obesity.T1p(princp),T2p(poeple are also), F2p(roughly)y F3p(final). outdated, predictable, largely, sedentary, too much fat is being eaten by small children nowadays, brougt, you exerciced more, you went on a diet, you didn't eat so many sweets, so--since . Coetzee wins nobel prize.F,2p(princp) y F,4p(princp). unquestionably, wholly, assumptions , swiftly . who--last,winning--received,whose--was not chosen, about--his Elivis lives!. F 2p(principio) y F,3p(final). swooned, grave, staying, tracking down . the ir --was,was found--was cleaned out,to--could, elvis that she would marry him if he sent her his autograph i'm working F3p(for the spanish)y T3p(fewere-so). choosing, study, opportunity, switch .i have been working--an,for--to,accepted--were taken,for many workers home working would reduce costs. mobile phoneT1p(final)y T3p(if you). perhaps, outset, apologise, come across. usign--is applied,have been--than, who--from, i asked the girl if there was a mobile phone in her bag not without my dog F1p(princp) y T3p(princp). inappropriate, vivacious, trend,,has admitted--don't like,began--between, leaving--on plastic surgery. F1p(although), T1p(final), F2p(prinpc-social)y F2p(but). surgeon, reduction, outcome, demand, who, hit, who did the members of parliament meet last friday?.h-she infected the whole class with her enthusiasm.Pointing the finger.F,1p y F,2p. creases, gaze, ratio, average 4. are fixed ---- to be governed, Although--to, earlier---- easier, I could never imagine that my fingers could say so many things
sexism in language. F1p(princp), T2p(princp), F3p(in addition)y T3p(final). memorable, take off, inherent,d- employement, profession, post, career..e-w hose ,f-were taught,g-three times a week, h-your cooking is not good enough .
F 1p(princp)y F3p(and as adults). giftd, performs, gratifying, fabric.
should the state
F2p(final)y F3p(princp). enquiry, almost, entire, nasty. eating--for, at--loaves, buy--twice, her some thing else to eat.
skin art. F1p(the romans) y F2p(cook also). mummies, nearly, deep, fully. becoming--his,what--a,whose--it, were linked--is worn
south american T1p(princp) y F 3p(princp). declined, threat, farming,so,had--carelessly,too--for, the journalist asked researchers when they had begun their new wild cat project.
the big bottle . F1p(final), F2p(princp-now), F3p(princp), F3p(final). wander,repair, rubbish ,d- mass, group, assembly, multitude ,e-although, even although, although, despite, in spite off ,f- have gone ,very likely that she will pay for the drinks, how many beers did your friend drink last night?
the england patient. T1p(final), F3p(prinpc), T3p(final)y T5p(final). harmful, success, encouragement,tactic,beat, nowadays new kinds of sport ,which seldom appearon television, attract more and more people. g-he asked if i often played rugby, how long did the new manager stay in england for?
the travels F1p(princp)y F2p(final). account, grim, alien, prevalent. who--was,was governed--ruled, with--w hose, marco polo said that he had only told half of what he had seentoo much television F 1p(experts..AD) y F 2p(princp). amount, signs, tested, earlier. began--between, aften--a, on--is, he asked the girl what she would do when she finishes her homework
what's like to be a dog?F 1p(common)y T3p(today).indeed, in addition, increasing, as well. study--will understand,that--have been explored, working--the most intelligent, darwin said that his experiments would prove the existence of the emotional lives of animals
where does dracula..T 2p(final)y F2p(dracula-the vampire). imposing, engaged, appears, habit. although --than, had been--what,deals--is explained, what else she had seen

amrican obsity. t1p(princp), t2p(popl ar also), f 2 p(roug ly ) y f3p(final). outdatd, prdictabl, largly, sdntary, too mux fat is bing eatn by smay xildrn nowadays, broug t, you exercisd mor, you went on a diet, you didn't eat so many sweets, so--sinc.
i'm working f3p(for t e spanis ) y t3p(fwer-so). xoosing, study, opxtunity, switx. av bn working--an,for--to,accptd--wer takn,for many workrs omworking would rduc costs.
plastic surgry. f1p(alt oug ), t1p(final), f2p(prinpc-social) y f2p(but). surgon, rduction, outcom, dmand, w o, it, w o did t e mmbrs of parliamnt mt last friday?. -s e infctd t e w ol class wit er ent usiasm.
sxism in languag. f1p(princp),t2p(princp),f3p(in addition)y t3p(final). mmorabl, tak off, in ernt,d- employmnt, profssion, post, carr..e-w os,f-wer taug t,g-t r tims a week, -your cooking is not good enoug .
singing f1p(princp)y f3p(and as adults). giftd, prforms, gratifying, fabric.
s ould t e statf2p(final) y f3p(princp). enkiry, almost, entir, nasty. eating--for, at--loavs, buy--twic, er somt ingls to eat.
t e big bottl. f1p(final),f2p(princp-now),f3p(princp),f3p(final).wandr,rpair, rubbsi ,d- +s, group, assmbly, multitud ,e-alt oug , evn alt oug , dspit, in spit of,f- av gon,vry likly t at s e wiy pay for t e drinks, ow many brs did your friend drink last nig t?
t e england patient. t1p(final),f3p(prinpc),t3p(final)y t5p(final). armful, succss, encouragmnt, tactic, bat, nowadays nw kinds os sxt,w ix sldom appar on tlvision, attract mor and mor popl. g- e askd if i oftn played rugby, ow long did t e nw managr stay in england for
t e travlsf1p(princp)y f2p(final). account, grim, alien, prvalnt. w o--was,was govrnd--ruld, wit --w os, marco polo said t at e ad only told alf of w at e ad sn
w er 2 dracula..t2p(final)y f2p(dracula-t e vampir). imposing, engagd, appars, abit. alt oug --t an, ad bn--w at,dals--is explaind, w atls s e ad sn

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