Examen selectividad 2009

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1.It’s said that the coca-cola success a mixture between its secret formula and it’s the marketing,not the product itself.//3.a)it would useless to copy it.b)it was given a place in American pop culture by the new owners.c)Deciphering the formula isn’t imposible.d)John P. who created the formula in his laboratory,was a pharmacist.//4.a)Because they wanted to sell the secret of the coke.b)The put it in the Bank of Atlanta because of its marketing.

1.Dancing is a difficult choice if you want to be a dancer because you need to have talent,coordination and hard-working.It’s no neccessary to be thin but to be healthy.//3.a)you can…,which is free and spacious.b)The size of your weist is not so important as the size of your talent.c)you may think...d)you must warm up to…//4.b)you need a dietition to be heallthy,choreographer,DJs or musicians.

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