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-The ecological impact of hiking.

1.a)False.hikers may accidentally destroy the scenery that they enjoy.b)False.such regulations include forbidding wood fires,restricting camping to established camp sites and imposing on the number os hikes per day.c)True.followers of this practice respect strict rules and leave no food waste or food packaging.d)True.in 2005,a Czech backpacker burned 7% of Torres National Park in Chile by knocking down an illegal gas portable stove.

2.lexico.a)fragile.b)regulations.c)packaging.d)starting.fonetica.a)sites,by.b)/la n rara/.c)/d/.

3.a)...the place we last had coffe together.b)...i spoke german fluently.c)...got angry with him because of his behaviour.d)...must be read first.e)..to speak in English.f).where you did you spent you holidays?

-Hollywood stars.

1.a)False.the films were accompanied by huge publicity.b)True.a ´star´ in hollywood meant `an exceptional human being`.c)True.people looked up to them and treated them as gods.d)False.some of them found it so difficult that they commited suicide.

2.lexico.a)act.b)luxurious.c)were hyprotised.d)breakdowns.fonetica.a)invented,exaggerated.b)/n larga/.c)good.

3.a)..I had more free time these days.b)..since I met that famous writer.c)..wendy had studied for her test,she wouldn´t have failed.d)told the students not to speak so loud.e)...we don´t have enough money,we won´t buy that house.f)...whose brother is my new teacher

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