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Lord Jim Jim is a young english boy whose dream is to be hero and save people.He studies to be a sailor but doesn´t help when there is a problem so he promises himself that next time he will help to save others.He finds a job on a ship the patna which carries pilgrims to Macca but one night there is a problem and the officers including Jim abandon ship leaving behind everybody.Later there is an inquiry and Jim loses his license but he meets a man called Marlow he finds him  job to give him confidence.A friend of his Stein has a trading post in Patusan which needs a new boss because Cornelius has taken money.Stein gives Jim a silver ring to give to Doramin who will help him.After a long journey Jim is kindnaped by The Rajah and his men but he escapes and is taken to Doramin who he becomes friends.Cornelius isn´t happy and treats Jim and Jewel but Jim continues.One night Jim kill one of the Rajah´s men and the frightened people become loyal to Jim and Doramin.One day a pirate Brown and his men arrives and together with Cornelius they decide to take the chance to leave quietly.They kill Doamin´s son, Dain Waris and Jim who feels guilty because he prefered a paceful solution offers his life to Doraminleaving behind Jewel.Finally he made a brave heroic decision. 

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