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Vocabulario Unidad 7

Area, Car Park, Corner, Crossroads, Entrance, Gate, Greengrocer, Library, Market Square, Mountain Bike, Newspaper Kiosk, One-Way Street, Pedestrian Area, Pedestrian Crossing, Petrol Station, Roundabout, Shopping Centre, Side, Sport Stadium, Square, Supermarket, Taxi Rank, Town Hall, Traffic Light, Turning, Cheap, Expensive, Far, Fashionable, Light, Next, Nice, Noisy, Safe, Wide, To Reach, To Turn, You're Walcome.

Preposition Of Place

Inside, Outside, Opposite, By, Behind, Under, In Front of, In, Next to, Between, Near.

Preposition Of Direction

Up, Down, On, Off, Along, Around, Under, Throungh, Over.

Comparative Adjetives

One-Syllable Adjetives

Cold + er = Colder

Nice + r = Nicer

Big + ger = Bigger (Ending in one vowel + Consonant)

Two-and tree-syllable adjetive

Famous + more = more Famous

fashionable + more = more fashionable


Dirt(y) + ier =Dirtier (two Slyllables Ending in "y")


Good/Better    Bad/Worse


Cycling is MORE dangerous THAN skateboarding.

Skateboarding is LESS dangerous THAN cycling.

Skateboarding is NOT SO/AS dangerous AS cycling. (negative)

Asking for Direction

Can/Could you help me, please? I need to find a petrol station.

Excuse me, can/could you tell me the way to the skateboard park, please?

Givin Directions

Turn Right at the roundabout.

Turn Left at the crossroad.

Take hr first turning on the left.

Go straight on.

Go/walk straight down this road.

Go/walk down queen street to the Market square.

Walk/go past the town hall.

Walk across the square.

It's a one-way street

It's a pedestrian area.

Saying you don't understand

I'm sorry, i don't understand.

Can/could you repeat that, please.










Was    He?

Were   They? 



            I    Have?

 Didn't   Take

           You   Take?
 Did     It


           We   Arrive


 Spelling Regular Past Tenses.

Verbs ending in "e" (E.g. Arrive) add "d"

Verbs ending in one consonat (E.g. Stop) Double it and add "ed" (E.g. Stopped) 

Verbs ending in consonant + y (E.g. Study) change "y" to "i" and add "ed"(E.g. Studied)

Verbs Ending in two or more consonants (e.g. Help) or vowel + y (e.g. Stay) add "ed"(e.g. Helpes, Stayed)

Short Answers

Yes, i did        No, i didn't

Yes, i was       No, i wasn't

Yes. we were  No, we weren't

Adjetives With -ING adn -ED

Amusing, Boring, Frightening, Interesting, Tiring, Worrying.

Amused, Bored, Frightened, Interested, Tired, Worried

Vocabulario Unidad 6

Adult, Century, Department, Evenig Class, Exam, Factory, Feeling, Hall, Historian, Maths, Playground, Primary school, Single sex school, Science, Sport ground, Subject, Surname, Teenager, Timetable, Uniform, Website.

To Attend,  To care about,   To study

Angry, Confident, Frightened, Full, Important, Interesting, Miserable, Nervous, Proud, Terrible, Worried.

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