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Dear friend,
I read your mail but I could not answer it because I had a lot of work. I would love to see a coffee and talk about our stuff. I have many things to tell.
Telling you something you probably advance to give me the scholarship to study inLondon, is great, my whole family is very happy and proud of me, and the truth is that I did too. Cost me a lot of work to get the scholarship but worthwhile.
I would love that we might see you soon. I await your response, write soon!
See you, Nieves

For several years, the mayor of my city has proposed to increase the use of public transport in the city. The aim was to reduce pollution and traffic accidents.
The first thing he did was to multiply the number of buses in the city. Also made ​​themmore attractive, the buses painted pretty colors and put advertising on them.
Second, and very importantly, low ticket prices, so more people could ride a bus.
In my opinion, was wonderful as the smoke of the town disappeared and were no longerso many traffic accidents.

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