The ghostly vistiros

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Prologue: 1.according to Eleanor, what was especially frightening about the first ghost story? They fact that the ghost first appeared to the small child. 2. How did Douglas know Catherine Blake, and when did they first meet? They met one summer when I came home from university. 3. What was the condition that came with the job of governess, and why did Lord Henry demand it? The condition of working as a governess was that had to be responsible for the children and watching them all day. Henry lord needed a governess because he was busy with work. Chapter 1: 4. What was Catherines first impression of little flora? She thought flora was like a religious painting, had a very angelic face. 5. What two things were strange on Catherines first evening at bly? the first thing was that the lady was too happy, and the second strange thing was that when she was going to sleep he heard a cry of a child and steps, but when she went to see who was out there was no. chapter 2: 6. What did the headmaster say in his letter to Lord Henry, and what reason did he give for this decision? The director says in the letter that Paul can not go back to school after the holidays; the reason for doing this is because the director thinks that Paul is a bad influence on children. 7. How do we know that Mrs. grose felt uncomfortable when she was talking about the previous governess? Because she become red when she asked about the previous governess.8. What did Catherine notice about Miles when she first met him at the train station? Catherine realized that Miles was a beautiful child and had the same innocent face to her sister. 9. How did Catherine feel about the two children and the place where she was living? I was very surprised because he was very happy and free. Chapter 3: 10. Describe Catherines first meeting with the stranger at the top of the tower and say how she felt. she felt cold to see the ghost. 11. What two possible explanations did Catherine give for the man on the tower? Maybe the servants were playing a trick on her. Maybe the stranger was a traveler who was curious about old mansions. 12. What did Catherine see when she went into the dining room to get her gloves? she saw that somebody was standing outside the window. 13. How did Catherine describe the stranger to Mrs. grose? He is very sinister, he's tall with dark hair and a long pale face. his eyebrows are thick and dark he's got small eyes and a wide mouth with thin lips. he's elegantly dressed.14. According to Mrs. grose, who was the stranger, what was his connection to Bly and what happened to him? he is peter Quint. he was Lord Henry's assistant for years. when Lord Henry left, quint supervised some changes that Lord Henry wanted in the house. Chapter 4: 15. Describe the relationship between quint and Miss jessel. Miss jessel loved quint passionately, but he just loughed at her and finally he ended their relationship.16. how did flora react after she saw the two figures at the lake?why was this strange? she didn't seem scared ,she acted as if no one was there. chapter 5: 17. In Catherine`s opinion, who was the woman at the lake? the governess who had died.18. how did Catherine describe miss jessel to mrs grose? she has a terrible look inter eyes , it was so possessive. she was dressed in black from head to foot, like after somebodys death. 19. Why did quint go out with miles so often? Because quint used his excursions with miles to be with Miss jessel. Chapter 6: 20. What will Catherine do if there are any more ghostly visitors?she'll try to stop them before he visit miles.21. how did the children spend their days with Catherine? they played and read together, the children dressed as animals and Romans as in the plays of Shakespeare.22. why hadnt Catherine tried to find a new school for miles? because she was too busy with the mysterious events at Bly. Chapter 7: 23.what did Catherine understand after she looked into quints eyes? no sentía terror. se dio cuenta de que si podía ponerse de pie y comenzó a él por un minuto entero sin miedo, que nunca tendría miedo de él otra vez. 24.what happened when Catherine returned to her room? flora wasn't in her bed. then she came out from behind the courtain with a smile. 25. Why didnt Catherine confront flora about the ghosts? beacuse she thought she would lie and deny everything. Chapter 8: 26. Describe what flora was doing when Catherine woke up in the middle of the night. she was standing behind the curtain again, looking out of the window.27. why was Catherine surprised when the moon moved from behind the cloud see more clearly? because wasnt the woman from the lake- it was a miles.28. what was miles explanation for his little tick? he said to catherine that he wanted her to understand that he can be bad too.

Chapter 9: 29. In Catherines opinion what did the ghosts want, and how were they trying to achieve it? they want to belong to them. they were becoming possessed by them. and the would destroy them if they hadn't wanted. 30. What two decisions did Catherine make in order to help the children? the first : the children musn't be allowed to comunicate with their ghostly visitors any more. and the second: their uncle had to come and take then always. 31. On what occasion did miles behave badly? it was when quint was living at bly and he was spending a lot of time with miles. Chapter 10: 32.what did miles ask Catherine while they were talking to church together and what was her reply? miles asked her when he was going to school. she answered that he didn't need to go to a new school. she could teach him and give him a very good education. 33. What did miles suggest and why did it make Catherine feel cold? they should ask her uncle when he will come at blly and talk about it. she felt cold because miles was reading her mind. 34. Describe what Catherine saw when she went into her room. What was her first thought about it? she saw someone at her desk. she was a woman and she was sitting with her head in her hands and seemed to be very tired, but she didn't move or turn round when she came into the room. she thought she was a servant, taking the opportunity of her absence to write a letter. Chapter 11: 35. When did the children try and please Catherine?what were they really trying to do? when they felt one of the ghosts was near, or felt that she was getting too close to their secret. it was their way of trying to distract her. 36. Catherine thought miss jessel said things without wordswhat were the things? she suppers the torments of the condemed. she wanted to share her suffering with flora. she didn't want to be alone with her pain. 37. What two decisions did Catherine make? the first: she's not leaving bly. the second: she was going to write to Lord Henry and tell him everything. 38. In your opinion, was Catherine becoming possessed and imagining things, or were things at bly really as strange as she thought? catherine in my opinion was imagining things because it was the unique who saw ghosts.chapter 12: 40. What happened after miles started to play the piano, and what was the result of this? he played the pianos so beatifully that mrs grose was in a kind of trance. she didn't know what was happening around her. she didn't realise that Flora had left the room. 41. Why do you think Catherine was not frightened of quint any more? because she had already met him and she wasn't frightened any more. 42. Why didnt mrs grose believe that flora had taken the boat?because flora can't move the boat alone. it was a very heavy boat and she was only a child. Chapter 13. 43. What did flora do while mrs grose was embracing her, and what did Catherine understand from this? flora stared at mrs grose over her shoulder and let the flowers fall to the ground. she was trying to say to her that there was no point pretending any more because miss jessel was visible to everyone and how flora couldn't no longer pretend she couldn't see her. 44. Why was Catherine happy to see miss jessel at yhe lake? because mrs grose couldn't see anyone. she thought catherine was crazy and she was imagining a ghost. 45. why did catherines happiness disappear so quickly? because flora responded with strange calm, still staring at her with disapproval her angelic beauty suddenly dissappeared. she had a hard, cruel expression. 46. What finally made catherine feel she had lost Flora? when she said she never wanted to talk to her anymore.chapter 14: 47.what suggestion did Catherine make to mrs grose? to take flora away from bly, away from them. to take her to her uncle in London. 48. What happened to catherines letter to Lord Henry? miles stole it, because he wanted to know what he said of his uncle.49. how will mrs grose help Catherine? taking the children away fron bly.chapter 15: 50. Why was miles anxious? because quint was there. 51.what happened after Catherine asked miles about the letter? quint was outside and he couldn't speak with miles. miles told everything to Catherine.chapter 16: 52. Who was the final battle between,and what did each side want? catherine and quint: they were fighting for a human soul (miles). 53. Why did quint come back? to make a final atempt to stop miles speaking.54. why did Catherine think she had won and quint has lost miles forever? because miles had confessed and he had pronunced the name of quint. 55.why had Catherine done miles no favour?what had she really done to miles in the end?he didn't to live without quint. she had killed him

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