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Titanic is a love story between Jack Dawson and rose dewitt Bukater. The film was made in the United states. Te film opens with a big ship (Titanic) built in the mid-50s which was boasted to be the best in the world and the ship that can never be sunk at any cost.

Unfotunately the big ship during its debut journey crashed into a iceberg. Jack Dawson (Leonardo Dicaprio) tried to save Rose(Kate Winslet) from being drawned.  Finally, he achieved it but he and everyone who was on the ship except rose died.

It’s a story that is very well written and has a great special effects. The director has managed to organize it and choose the best scenes.

Titanic is wonderful film. In my opinión it can help Young people to see a passionate love story whith a tragic end. It was really romantic and sad. I recommend it.

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