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A trip to Paris--Last summer my dad won the lottery so all my family celebrated it with a trip to Disneyland Paris since we were very happy to meet Mickey Mouse so we didn't think it twice and we packed our suitcase for Paris. // When we arrived in Paris we went to the hotel. While we were arring to the hotel, my father realised that he had forgotten our hotel tickets at home , soon after that, the recepcionist found a copy  and she gave us the key. Later, we visited the park. When we entered the park  it was raining cats and dogs so we returned to the hotel. Once there, when my mother opened the room I saw a mouse so I shouted and jumped on a chair. // It was all such a mess that my father decided to go back home. Perhaps those were the worst holidays of my life.

My name is Esther and I have 17 years old. I live in Tavernes de la valldigna, a village of Valencia. I am studyingsecond year of bachillerato in the Institute IES Jaume II el Just. Next year I would like to study at the university. // My family consists of four persons, my father, my mother and sister. My father's name is Jose has 50 years, is a very hard working person but he’s also quiet. On the other hand, my mother's name is Rosa, she is 48 years old is dependent, in addition she’s sympathetic and talkative. Finally, my sister's name is, Rosabel, she is studying law,  moreover she is my friend because she is trustworthy and cheerful.//Also my family is more extensive. My father has two sisters and my mother a brother. On Sunday we all gathered to eat.  //This is my family-

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