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BIOGRAFIA: Mario Casas is very important actor in Spain. He was born in A Coruña on June 12 of 1986, but nowadays, he lives in Madrid for commitments of work. In spite of begin a young boy, he has filmed many movies, "Fuga de cerebros", "mentiras y gordas" and "a tres metros sobre el cielo". He reached the reputation acting in series of television like !SMS" and "The men of Paco". He has black and short hair, and his eyes are small and brown. His nose is small but long, he has a big mouth but his lips are thin, his theeth are white and perfect. His arms his torso and his back are strong and fim, his hands are big and strong, and his feet are small and thin. He has a resistant and smooth abdomen. He is a handsome boy, and all his fans are mad for him. He always dresses with fashion clothes, but his fans likes more to see him without t-shirt. Nowadays he hasn't a girlfriend, and he says that in the only thing that he thinks it is in working. He is cheerful, likeable, fighter, charicsmatic, seducer and he valuer very much to his family and friends.

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