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excitdly(entusiasmadamnt)suddenly(repentina´)carelessly(descuida'')carefully(cuidadosa'')rudely(maleducada'')kindly(amable'')politeky(cortes'')noisily(ruidosa'')dully(debida'')appealing(atractivo)upbeat(optimista)powerull(poderoso)uninspiring(aburrido)controversial(controvertido)...useful(util)1 CONDITIONAL(If you read this book,you will like it-I won't pass my exams unless I study hard)2 CONDITIONAL(If I had a lot money,I would travel arraound the world-If I were you,I'd buy cheaper car)3 CONDITIONA( If I hd know,I would have called you)

COMPARATIVOS DE = ((This book is as interesting as that magazine.Buenos Aires is as expensive as Tokyo)) COMPARATIVO DE SUPERIORIDAD: ((This book is cheaper than that magazine.Paris is more interesting than Los Angeles.)) SUPERLATIVO: 1,2 SILABAS (-EST) +DE 2(THE MOST)





TOO(demasiado: this perfume is too expensive)

ENOUGH(lo bastante o suficiente: you are clever enough to solve the problem)

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