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The restaurant Dolceta - 2 is an excellent restaurant to eat snails urgell located in the street, between London and Buenos Aires.
The place in my opinion there is nothing special.
The décor is rather old and somewhat obsolete. The chairs are very comfortable. The service is justito, sometimes there's a complacency on the part of a waiter. It is not specialized.
What is really noteworthy is the high quality of the product.
Snails are my humble opinion the best of barcelona, are baked in the pan but the accompanying sauce, in particular tomato vinaigrette is excellent. The portion is correct but in no case is guilty of brief. The bad thing ... Price 18 euros plus iva the dish of snails (very expensive).
The meat and particularly beef tenderloin is excellent, no more can you ask for a steak, tender, flavored always right cooking point.
Again the bad thing is its price which he termed the aberrant. A fillet (without garnish 25.50 euros) The garrison was called aside and is around 4 euros. So you leave the steak for about 30 euros plus VAT.
The winery is accurate and affordable rates.
Conclusion: It is a right place, with a very fair service, with a very good quality, but with a very exorbitant price. A two-course dinner, dessert, wine and coffee is no less than 70 Euros per person. It's a shame it is so expensive because if it were more affordable would watch more often.

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