Cuento Sobre Mis Vacaciones

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Two years ago, when we were in the airport of Buenos aires, it happened something that never I am going to forget. The history is thus, We came back of United States, we went to the airport, and, in the airport, I was sitting next to my father, when suddenly, he was disapiered, and I started to be hopeless. Immediately, I thought to call my uncle, but, I did not have my telephone. I was nervous and crying.

Five minutes later, an old woman decided to help me, she said me: " ¿Can I help you ? ¿ are you well ?

I could not talk because, I was crying. She said me that I had stop to cry.

She gave me your cell phone and I called to my parents, but, they didnt respond me

despite that, it was worse because, the old woman had to leave or she would lose her flight

I was lost, and I was returning crazy . Suddenly, an angel illuminated the way to me, because, I found a best friend of my parents, his name is  " Alejandro". He was returning of "Rio de Janeiro". My soul returned to my body, and I could be tranquilized.

After that, we could come back to our house. This history is real, and I lived it

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