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The novel tells the tragic story of love between Catherine Earnshaw and his friend's soul, tormented Heathcliff, a love that will continue beyond death.
A man named Lockwood arrives at the farm gusty summits. There they meet the mysterious and sullen Mr Heathcliff, his daughter Catherine and the young Hareton. The following day care Lockwood is due to a cold by the housekeeper Nelly at the Farm of the thrushes, and she will tell the story of two families.
Heathcliff is an abandoned child who takes that Mr Earnshaw brings home, gusty summits, and decides to raise a child. The boy then gains the affection of the owner's daughter, Catherine (Cathy) and hatred of the elder brother of the latter, Hindley.
Throughout the years, killed the parents of Cathy and Hindley, and he married a woman so petty as he named Frances, takes this situation to harass Heathcliff and forbid any contact with Cathy. Despite this friendship will remain among the boys, friendship leading to love you until one day decide to spy on neighbors, Linton, of the Farm of the thrushes. Are discovered and Cathy is a dog bite wounds to the guardian, being collected by Linton. Spend some time with them and return the transformation is obvious: the wild child out of the Summit has become a lady. Time after Cathy marries Edgar Linton (although, as he has confessed to the housekeeper Nelly Dean, he loves as much as Heathcliff, that it is somehow their "alter ego") and Heathcliff disappears.
Some time later, when Cathy has apparently overcome the departure of his friend, he reappeared and, to enrage Edgar and Cathy give jealousy, begins to woo Isabella, the younger sister of his, with just fugándose.
Continuing clashes between Edgar and Heathcliff eventually destroy the health of Catherine, who just sick and dying the same night that gives birth to a girl. Shortly after Hindley and Heathcliff dies takes under his protection to his son, Hareton (the mother had died years earlier) and gets all its lands (Hindley had sold their land to pay for Heathcliff to his liking to the game). Isabella flees and gusty Summit is dedicated to raising her son, Linton.
They spend 16 years and Catherine Linton known if anything to do with the Summits. After a series of visits to her cousin Linton (who had been brought back to the Summit on the death of his mother) were married, but his health is very fragile and dies soon after, leaving all his assets (and therefore that of his wife) to his father, Heathcliff, who now owns the legacy of its two greatest enemies.
The story ends when Mr. Lockwood returns after a long absence, and discovers that Heathcliff is dead (supposedly the ghost of his beloved Cathy has stolen it) and plan to marry Hareton and Catherine.

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