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On Saturdays my friends and I go to a nightclub called Queens.
Queens is a new building, with a great atmosphere in the vicinity. Once inside we found a large place, two floors, on the first floor is located the dance floor and the local bar on the second floor there are toilets. We can find posters of singers and DJs.
Every weekend is a dj to play, the music is current and lively. You can see a great atmosphere, everyone dancing and enjoying the night. Can take all kinds of drinks, but if you're underage you can not take alcoholic drinks, but also serve non-alcoholic beverages.
Queens is one of the most polulares clubs in the area, because it has a great musical and social environment. In my opinion if one day you get a chance you should go one night. You will have great.

Advantages and disadvantage of risk sports.
Risk sports include rock climbing, hang-gliding, bungee jumping, skydiving, and so on. They have a series of advantages and disadvantages.
The main advantage is that these kinds of sports are extreme. The people who practise them enjoy putting their life in danger, they are brave. They can devote their free time to go out in search of adventures. Nevertheless, they also have some disadvantages, they are dangerous and some people die practising them. Some people prefer devoting their free time to go out on trip, to the cinema, to walk, or to be at home, they would never put their life in danger, so they it see as a bilge. 
To sum up, although these sports have advantages and disadvantage, personally, I am in favour of practising them.

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