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My name is Sebastian and my surname are Rodriguez Panal. I'm forty years old. I was born in Ubrique.
As for my height I can say that is normal, I am a person of medium height, I am thin. I have a round face, I have the nose and large eyes but my mouth is very small.
My eyes are brown, like my hair, but I have little hair, that is, I’m a bit bald.
Well leaving aside my physical description, I am going to talk about my tastes and I am going to explain a bit like me.
I am a very nice person. I like to get along with everyone.
I am also very extrovert, I enjoy with my family and my friends.
I like playing football, I play football since I was little. Also when I was little I played basketball but now I don`t play basketball. I prefer football and sometimes I go to the gym with my friends.
Relating to food, I have to say that I don`t like vegetables, I prefer meat and fish and chips, but I have to say that vegetables are very healthy.
Weekend I like eating pizza with my family in the country. I love pizza, it is delicious.
Bye, see you soon

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