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next,please;hello.can I send this parcel to pakistan,please?;sure.put in on the scales... by airmail or surface mail?;um,how much is airmail?;£9.10.it's cheaper by surface mail £3.52 but it takes longer;OK,I'll send it by airmail.can i have a stamp for this letter,too?;first class or second class?;first class;that's £9.46 altogether,please... thank you.here's your change;thanks.bye;thank you.goodbye.

can I take your order?;sorry,I haven't made up my mind yet;Oh, OK.I'll go first. what's the soup of the day?;it's mushroom soup;OK,i'll have the soup to start,followed by the chicken, please;fine.anything to drink;just water,please;sparkling or still?;sparkling,please,fine.and have you decided yet?;yes,I have.i'll have the tomato and avocado salad to start,followed by the vegetable lasagne;and to drink?;orange juice,please;OK,i'll bring your drinks shortly. 

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