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Cristina'S SHOW

Hello! Follow me. Welcome to the new cooking show . My name is Cristina and the récipe that I present today is the plumcake. For that we need...

Flour: 250 grams

Butter: 250 grams

Sugar: 250 grams

Candied fruit: 250 grams

Currants: 150 grams

Eggs: 4 units

Baking powder: 3 envelopes

Ron: 2 cups

Milk: 50 cc

White vermouth 1 cup

And these are the ingredients

With all this, we start the récipe.

First we put rum in a bowl and add raisins. The raisins are softened after a while to soak.

Second cut the candied fruit and leave it with raisins

Third, in a preheated bowl mix butter and sugar until it looks creamy.

Then, while beating, add eggs and flour previously mixed with yeast.

Thoroughly mixed so that no lumps of flour

Moreover strained free from raisins and candied fruit and coated with flour and add to the mix

Mix well the mass for the raisins are well distributed.

Then we spread a mold with butter. Then add the mix and get into the oven.

We set the oven to 180 º C and leave the mixture for one hour

Now we have a delicious cake. We could decorate it today, but we will do tomorrow because we run out of time. See you tomorrow. Bye!

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