Does money bring happiness?

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Mildred:cold(no feelings)/represents(new)current society/obedient,conformist/not interested in people or her environment/ indifferent/ignorant/kind of tired/not communicative /demanding,selfish,extravagant,spendtrhrifft,lazy/addicted to the parlor walls/lacks(close)relationship to Gug/refuses having tried to commit suicide,does not trust guy.addiction:for the last 2 years/not happy, sure of herself.matrimonio:does not seem to get along well/not good relationship/not get to agreement/insistes on their sacrifising things so that she couls get her way which he is not happy about Clarisse:enjoys her environment,critical,interested in people,in touch with nature(nature-loving-psychatrist)friend,curious,kind of antisocial,very mature for her age,trustful,courageous,brave,determined,17,enjoys rain/sunrise,like kerosene,not afraid of firemen,collect butterflies and watch birds,free,responsibleBeatty:obbey the rúes,burning things that make you feel unconfotable,enjoys fire,leaving out everything having to do with intellectual world,avoid thinking,being equal,make everything easy/cómic,no censorship,technology,man explotation,minority pressure,everyone made equal,burn,each man the image of every other,happiness boys(destroy conflicting thoughts or ideas)no social life(prevent communication)Montag:fireman,wife,mother,30,burning books/dark eyes,salamander on arm phoenix on chest,smells kerosene/likes smell-wife not-arguement,whistler,hand in his poket-enjoys his job,proud of himself,good avoiding arguements,fiery smile,obedient,energic conformist/he does not think very often,is able to accept the reality and cary on life,carefully,softly,calmly,does not know how to get along with his wife(try but not succeed),he reasons out things carefully and speaks carefully(at the right time using the right words)

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