Ejemplos en ingles de passive voice y active voice en presente simple

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Reported speech->
suggested/denied+ing Present(do)-pasado(did)
advised/reminded+pers+to futuro(will)-fut.(would)
accused+pers+of+ing pres nt. Perfct(have done)- "
apologized+for past(did)-Past.Perf(had done)
refused+to(negarse a) must-had to // can-could
presente+will // pasado+would // had + participio- would have+participio
May(+)/might(-)-> probabilidad de...Should-> deberías o no(consejo)...can, could(present, past)/ be able to(fut.)
must(por ti)->deber // have to(obligación)-> tener que
shall(te ofreces a algo)... be used to+ing-> estar acostumbrado a..get used to+ing-> acostumbrarse a..
te most important thing is the action. Like this: 1. The object of the active is the subject in the passive. 2. The verb TO BE gets the same tense as the verb in the active sentence. 3. The verb in the active sentence is in past participle. EJ: they painted two rooms// two rooms were painted. 4. The subject of the active is the agent in the passive, it´s followed biy the preposition BY.
Ejemplos en passiva-> has given-has been given / didn´t drink-wasn´t drunk / i´ll send- will be sent / broke- was broken / who wrote it?- who was it written by? / who was taken my keys?- who have my keys taken by?
EITHER..OR 2 options in affirmative NEITHER..NOR 2 options in negattive SO DO I(yo también) in affrimative changing the auxiliary NOR DO I in negattive.

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