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1.a FALSE a good night`s sleep.... to adulthood.
b. FALSE the youngster mothers were.... daytime sleepiness
3.tackle- sleeplessness- amount- critical
4.often/at- who/than-from/their-spent/an
The Travels of Marco Polo (MOD 08)
1.a)FALSE."The Travels of Marco Polo ... a prison cell in Geona in 1298"
b)FALSE."But much of what Polo wrote … by historians and geographers"
3.a) account b) grim c) alien d) prevalent
4.a) who / was b) was governed / ruled c) with / whose d) Marco Polo said that he had only told half of what he had seen
Where Does Dracula Come From? (MOD 07)
1.a)TRUE. "Stoker, the author … , Moldavia, and the Carpathians"
b)FALSE."Dracula -the vampire- jumped to land at Whitby in the shape of a huge dog"
3.a) imposing b) engaged c) appears d) habit
4.a) Although / than b) had been / what c) deals / is explained d) what else she had seen.
Should the State tell us what to eat and drink? (MOD 06)
1.a)FALSE."We eat on the street to a degree almost unknown anywhere else."
b)FALSE."A sociologist told me that half of our homes no longer have a dining table."
3.a) enquiry b) almost c) entire d) nasty
4.a) Eating / for b) ate / loaves c) buy / twice d) her something else to eat.
I´ m working from home (MOD 05)
1.a)FALSE."For the Spanish the ... a principal reason for homeworking..."
b)TRUE."...fewer British work … more would like the opportunity to do so..."
3.a) choosing b) study c) opportunity d) switch
4.a) have been working / an b) for / to c) accepted /were taken d) for many workers homeworking would reduce costs.
A relative difference (MOD 04)
1.a)FALSE. "This similarity has led chimp expert … to be extended to chimpanzees"
b)FALSE "development and destrucción … the last century to less than one-tenth of that now".
3.a) link b) skull c) leap forward d) seemingly
4.a) you don't ask him a question, he won't speak to you. b) I had to do it at once.
c) difficult for us to do. d) is being investigated by some policemen.
Smile you are on camera (MOD 03)
1.a)TRUE.”Abd as surveillance… is once again growing”
b)FALSE.”If the program doesn’ t find… by the police department”
3.a)implement b)radio c) high d) argue
4. a)werw/that b)had/what c)wastested/for d)who /charging
1.a)FALSE.”But bring your own air - and rocket”
b) FALSE.“So far, he said … 19,95 apiece”
3.a)views b)Rouring c)prohibíted d)grateful
4. A) have bougt / but b) signed /with c)who /what d)selling /better than

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