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Formal/ Informal

No contractions/Contractions

Formal set phrases(I look forward to hear from you)/Informal set phrases

Fromal greetings (dear madam)/ Informal greetings

Formal vocabulary/ Informal vocabulary

Indirect questions/Direct questions

Not using phrasal verbs/Using phrasal verbs

Complex sentence structure/simpler sentence structure

Use of the passive voice/ Use of the active voice

Use semi colons/Use exclamation marks


In a narrative we tell a story or we recount an event who had succeed. It can be true or imaginary.

Structure: Give to the story a good beginning, middle and end. Content: We have to make our story as interesting and exciting as its possible. We have to use variety of verbs, adjectives and adverbs to add interest to the story And we have to use the past tenses. Useful language: Starting: It was completly dark when.../ Time expressions: one day...,at midnight..,/ Adverbs of manner: happily, quietly/ feelings: surprised, excited,lonely../ ending: In the end...


we write a summary to give the main idea of a text in a few sentences.

Only we have to include the most important information/ Use our own words/ Don't give our opinion or add extra information/ Don't include exemples.

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