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PASSIVE/-they will be speeches early in the morning.-did you taken the car to the garage?.-the dinner will have been made.-in india was borned peter.-I didn´t expeet to be called.-his car could have brought.-the house can be improved painting the walls.-this boos have to be studied.-it was fixed by myself.-german is spoken in germany.-was Jane invited to the party?.-he´s thought to be very rich.-he was thought to be being followed.-she´s going to have a book written.-a very big house is had.-they want the house to be painted.-Salinger wrote this book.-has the shopping been done?.-can the house be painted?.-they want the house to be painted.CAUSATIVE HAVE/-to have her hair cut.-we have new shelves built because we have many....-John has his eyes tested because he can´t see well.-she has her car repaired today because her car broken down yesterday.-I paid a shoemarker to have repaired my watch.CONDITIONAL/-I would have lost the plane.-I will buy a boat.-I would go to Egypt.-if I were you I wouldn´t go.-I would have bought it if I had got money.-I wish I would have been helped.-I wish I would feel better.- I wish I had heard the news.-would have won.-would have rained.GERUND/INFINITIVE/-to finish.-to come.-calling.-taking.-

-living.-criyng.-smoking.-to buy.-watching TV.-playing football. COMPLETE/-protective.-surprised.-information.-surprising.-informative.-protection.-agreement.-laws.-surprisingly.-surprise.VOCABULARY/????

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