Helen i want to tell you something about my holiday in London

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1. 1)a 2)b 3)a 4)b 5)c 6)a 7)c 8)b          2.  1)I'm watching the TV news. 2)Isn't working. 3)Do you, rang. 4) do, know. 5)aren't speaking. 6)is,sitting 7)loves. 8)aren't, speaking.

3. 1)when John finished school? 2)where is Nancy? 3)What is tanya doing? 4)do they like this film? 5)what are doing Leonardo in París? 6)what are the teacher does?

4. 2)warren isn'tplaying tennis. 3)they never travel by train. 4)the dogs aren't dark. 5)that man do magic tricks. 


1. 1)b 2)a 3)b 4)a 5)b.  2. 1)was trying, stopped. 2)did burn, was cooking. 3)scored, won. 4)were laughing, fell. 5)were talking, was rtying. 6)didn't do, was staying. 7)

3. 1)did you watch the new realityprogramme last night? 2)what was Alán talking about all morning? 3)why did you take a picture of me while I was sleeping? 4)it was raining when they left the house?  4. 1)I met my friend Sue while I was going to school. 2)was he listening the radio when you arrived? 4)wedidn'tgo out because was raining.


1. 1)a 2)b 3)b 4)a 5)b 6)a 7)b 8)b  3. 1) will felt, eat. 4) take


1. 2)bigger, faster. 3)badest, bader. 4)best. 2. 1) imagine imagination imaginative imaginatively. Create creation creative. Expression expressive expressively. Amaze amazement amazingly. Enjoy enjoyable enjoyably. Correction correct correctly. 3. 1)correctly 2)express 3)imagination 4)create 5)amazing 6)enjoy 4) 1)telephone 2)find 3)strange. 4)winner. 5)ordinary. 6)knee.  7)amusing. 8)realise. 5. 2)b 3)c 4)b 5)b 6)a 7)a 8)c. Reading. 1. 1)their second languaje. 2)calling total strangers AmericanSkype users. 3)participate in international commerce, scienceand technology. 2. 1)spreading 2) fake 3)poseas 4) is on the race. 3. 1)b 2)b) 3)a 4)b


1. 1)goes. 2) weighs 3)drink 4)is waiting 5)doesn't 6)are, sitting 7)don't believe 8)do,want. 2.)1 are learning. 2 do you understand.3 do you water your plants, 4 is waiting, 5 doesn't look, 6.Are you sitting,7.Dont believe, 8.Do you want. 3) 1.The children are making quite noise at the moment.2.Jane plays the guitar.3. I don not see today, 4. Do you belong these books?5. What do you think about this course? 4. 1)saw,recognised, 2.Were playning, I cleaned.3 asked, didn't answer. 4.Called I watched. 5) 1.No sé. 2.We didn0t stop to studying at midnight. 3. I watched tb while sopoke on the phone. 4.A cause of it was rain heavy, we drove slowly. 6)seems, 2.Falled.3.Thought.4.Did it washing.5.Was washing.6.Slipped.7.Needs.8 is using.9.Do you want.10.Gave me. Revisión 2. 1.Haven't flown, 2.Hasn't taken.3.Came.4.Have you taken.5.Met.6.Hasn't called. 2)rushed, 2.Have met.3.Only had.4.Have,ever been.5.Didn't tell.6.Have, paid. 3)they never hadn't benn to London.2.Yet i didn't finish to dinner.3.I watched this film already.4.I ate indian food last year.4)dreamed, got, knew,had asked,jumped,landed,didn't seem, had broken. 5)1.Realised, had forgotten.2.Traveling, had.3.Do,had readed,were.4.No sé, had finished. 6) 1.The rain had stopped before we wake up.2.Had started just to five minutes beofre.3.Have begun three days ago. 4.Had an electric guitar the last month. 5.Unil it endid.Revisión 3: 1)1.Are going.2.Will give.3will,study.4.No sé.5 are looking for. 6.Will help.7 i 8 no sé.2) 1.Mary an phil be going to get married...2.The prone is ringing I will....3.I think it will snow tmorrow.4.I'm going to see my friends tonight.5...........He won't like it.3) look at the clear sky! Isn't going to.2.Who will win the elections this year.3.She is having a baby in 2 month.4.You will invite kate to dinner.5.When tom is going to be back from holiday?4)1.Will be still doing.2.Will find.3.Will doing.4.Will save. 5).The train will have left.2.We will doing lots.3.Will be working in París.4.Will have tought 25 years. 6)im going to fly,will be sitting, will have bought, will have been,will be,i'm going to falls sleep.Revisión 4: 1.Actually, 2.Match.3.Recognised.4greeted.5.Acceptable.6.Population.7.Proudly.8.Safe.2) a,b,b,a,b,b,a. 3)1.Impolite,2.INTENTIONALITY, 3.Undecide.4.Sensational.5pleasure.6.Actor.8.Unlukely. 4) b, c, c, b,a,b,c.

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