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 1.-Complete the sentences, use the past simple

1-I stopped playing football at 5pm

2-You didn't see john last week

3-Did they go to university

4-Sarah lived in new york in 2002

5-When did he arrive

6-Peter decided to travel raund Europe

7-Luke had two dogs and a cat

8-when did the film finish

9-they wanted a holiday in India


2.- Last: night, year week

     Yesterday: Morning, evening, afternoon


*write the past simple of the verbs

3.-Walk: walked            -write: wrote

-go: went                         -study: Studied

-see: saw                        -run: ran                 

-eat: ate                          -Sing: sang     -hear: heard

-become: became


*Make sentences.

1 Sue/yesterday/to the cinema/went

*sue went yesterday to the cinema

2 Ago/I/nick/two years

*I meet nick two years ago

3 Last night/go/they/out/didn't

*last night they didn't go out

4 Three weeks/ jack/ago/was born

*hack was born three weeks ago

5 Friday/we/last/met

*we met last friday


*Rewrite the sentences.Use the negative form of the past simple

1 I didn't watch tv  last night

2 They didn't travell by train

3 Mary didn't sign in the concert last week

4 Pete didn't see three men outside the bank

5 We didn't go to new york in 2002


*Complete the sentences. Use the past simple

1 Nick fell off his bike ( fall)

2 I sent them an email (sent)

3 You found my glasses (find)

4 She drank a cup of cofee (drink)

5 we bought a new dvd (buy)


*choose the correct preposiion

1 they met in 11 june

 2 kate was born in the 1980s

3 we play tennis on weekends

4 she bought the flat in may

5 what did you do on monday?

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