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a relative differrence 1a F.2p this-final (-3) b F. 3p (-5)development-final 2a afossill skull was found and it was the first evidence of an enormous diversity ofape-like creatures that existed for may years. B the relative difference is the development of lenguaje. 3a link b skull c leap forward d seemingly 4b i had to do it at once c difficult for us to do d is being investigate by some 

I'm working from home 1aF 3p "for the..(5) - homeworking b T...Fewer"-so (7) 2a they feel the need to their office for work, the evidence suggests. B the motivations of french is away to a healthier lifestyle with enjoying the benfits of home cooking at the expense of sunk food 3a choosing b study c opportunity d switch 4a have been working-an b for-to c accepted-were taken d for many workers homeworking would reduce costs

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