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Hi, this is my biography. I’m going to compare the things that I did before with the things that I do now. When I was little I used to have short and blond hair, I used to be very shy funny and optimistic person. I never had pets. I loved make jesting. I liked watching the cartoon and I used to dislike watching the news because the news bored me. I loved get gifts for my birthday and Christmas. My hobbies was ride my bike and listening to music. I dislike play the piano I have always wanted to be astronaut. Now I have long
and brown hair. I’m a little less shy and I’m a serious and pessimistic person. I have a dog since 2007. I like watching the news for knows what happens in other parts of the world, great notices or for example known the weather. Now also like get gifts but also like make gifts for the persons that I love. My hobbies are play the piano and listening to music too. I want to be a nutritionist because when I was little was very easy think that I would be astronaut.

I'm an actriz. I don't mind how many hours I work because I love this job. I work in any where of the planet. I have workes there for two years. I make films. I have choosen this because while you are working you met many famous. Also you live fantastic experiences for example when you make a film sometimes you imajine and believe that these is happening in the real life allthough there are many cameras filming you.

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