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Firstly consumerism is the act of consuming goods or services, often without consciousness. People are influenced to consume through advertisements made by companies. The difference between consumption and consumerism is that people buy for consumption only what they need. In consumerism people spend everything they have on unnecessary products. People are curious to try just because of advertisements.
Consumer protection is the punishment of persons / companies that violate consumer's rights and the dissemination of these rights to consumers.
All consumers have the right to complain if the product or service is not in accordance with the rules and regulations.
Cosumerist - Consumista
Consume - Consumo
Consumers - Consumidores
Consumerism - Consumismo
Consumption - Consumo (by)
Consumables - Consumíveis

Logo - Printed symbol
Trademark - Marca original
Slogan - short phrase
Brand - Tshirts, tenis dentro da mesma marca
Trade name - sub-marca (allstar)
Jingle - musica ou rima

Aplles Many Few
Money Much Little Uncountable
Muito Pouco

Aplles Many Few Countable
Money Much Little Uncountable
Muito Pouco

Verbs in negative (Anything, anyone)
Verbs in positive (Nothing. no one, nowhere)

Things Places People
Nothing Somewhere Somebody
Anything Anywhere Nobody
Something Nowhere Anyone
No one
Anybody Someone

Peter had his car stolen.

Present.C---»Past Continuous

Introductory phrase + Question Word + Subject + Verb

coisas - o f
singular, tempo e lugar - 's
acabado em s - '

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