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TATTOOS:I love the tattoos. I want to put on two tattooes because already I have one, though my parents do not want but, though I have a tattoo I would consider the facts before doing something I might regret later. tattoos are painful and very expensive to remove. What's more, your health is at risk. you can pick up diseases like hepatitis if needles aren't properly sterilized. there are other problems, such as getting an infection or having an allergic reaction to the tattoo pigments. If you are determined to go ahead, then you should find a professional, clean tattoo studio. After you get your tattoo, you must apply an antibiotic cream. You will also have to wear a sunscreen on the tattoo for the rest of your life because the area will be more sensitive to the sun's rays. getting a tattoo is a big decision to make. Think carefully before you do it.

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