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Hi veronica: Thanks for your e-mail. I’m Laura, I’m sixteen years old, and I come from Sevilla but live in Barcelona. I have two brothers and one sister. I study in the high school. I have got black hair, green eyes and I’m small. I have a happy personality., proud and negative. At the weekend I go out with my friends and my boyfriend. In my space time I like listening to music (my favourite singer is Sergio Contreras), reading books, sleeping and especially talking on the phone with my friends in Sevilla. My best friend is Isa, and lives in Seville. In also love animals. I have a dog, three hamster and four guinea pigs.Write to me soon, a kiss.

An enderly man reads to an enderly woman out of memory an old diary in a residence, where they remind us of this story though their love story:

In summer a young girl went to the city of North Carolina with her family. Allie meets Noah at a party. From that day Noah falls in love with her. Allie is a girl with money and Noah is a poor boy who works at a factory. Throughout the summer the two fall in love.  After the summer, Allie returns to the city and she and Noah are separated. After some time Allie gets engaged with Lon, a wealthy soldier, though she hasn’t forgotten Noah, and before she marries, she returns to the city where Noah and Allie fell in love. Allie realizes that she still loves Noah and a decided between Lon and Noah. Finally, she goes to live with Noah.

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