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Present Simple: Sujeto+do/does+1ª -> I go to my housePresent Continous: Sujeto+ToBe+1ª+ing -> I´m going to my house.Past Simple: Sujeto+Did/Didn´t+2ª -> I didn´t post the letter - I posted the letter.Past Continous: Sujeto+was/were+ing -> I was walking. Used To: Sujeto+UsedTo+1ª -> He (didn´t) used to work.Past Perfect: Sujeto+have/has+3ª -> We have written. Present Perfect:Sujeto+have/has+3ª -> I have seen this film. Zero Conditional: If+present simple,present simple -> If you have...,you are First Conditional: If+present simple,will/won´t+1ª -> If it rains...,we will go.Second Conditional: If+past simple,would/wouldn´t+1ª -> If I had..., I would buy. Third Conditional: If+past perfect, would/wouldn´t+have+3ª -> If you had studied, you would have passed.

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