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realises that he secretly has feelings for her. Mortified, Mark creates an excuse to leave. On Christmas Eve, Mark shows up at Juliet and Peter's door posing as a carol singer with a portable CD player, and uses a series of cardboard signs to silently tell her that "at Christmas you tell the truth," and, "without hope or agenda... to me, you are perfect". As he leaves, Juliet runs after him and kisses him, before returning to Peter. Mark tells himself, "Enough, enough now," perhaps acknowledging that he's found closure and can move on with his life.
Jamie and Aurélia
Writer Jamie first appears preparing to attend Juliet and Peter's wedding. His girlfriend misses the ceremony allegedly due to illness, but when Jamie unexpectedly returns home before the reception, he discovers her engaging in sexual relations with his brother. Heartbroken, Jamie retires to the solitude of his French cottage to immerse himself in his writing. Here he meets Aurélia, the meets Portuguese housekeeper who speaks only her native tongue Portuguese. Despite the language barrier they manage to communicate with each other. Jamie returns to London, where he takes a course in Portuguese. On Christmas Eve, he decides to ditch celebrations with his family to fly to Marseille. In the restaurant where Aurelia works her second job as a waitress, he proposes to her in Portuguese, and she accepts in English. She had been studying just in case he came back.

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