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Comida rapida.In today´s fast-paced society,more and more people substitute fast food home cooked meals.they simply don´t have time to prepare balanced meals for themselves and their families.however,is this trend really as unhealthy as experts tell us.    Fast food has a great deal to offer us.firstly,fast food is convenient becauseit is available whenever you want to eat.after all,in today´s society,people need to be able to eat twenty four hours a day.furthermore,our body needs a balanced diet,which means that we need some fats,sugars and salt in our diet.we need to eat small amounsts from all the food groups in order to maintain good healh  On the other hand,fast fiid dies have its begin,fast food is not healthy because it doesn´t provide you with enough vitamins and mineral.In addition,fast food contans large amounts of additives,as it is full of saturated fats an other chemical.eatin too manu foods containing additives will damage our health in the long run.  all thing considered the best way to maintain good health is to eat whatever you want,but in moderation.As the song says"a little bit of what you fancy does you goodobesidad.eating habits are the responsoble of our healthy live althrough when you do sport you avoid many ill.the lack of healthy food and sport cause obesity       Nowadays people that suffer this problem are more than halt of population obesity is provoked by eat is in hamburguer,pizzas and so on(fast food) and they don´t practise any type of sport all this provokes with years heart´s problem finish         in conclusion to have a long it is necessary not to have with the food as obesity can cause death

medioambiente.a long the years we have destruyed our planet without thinking in future generations and all this could be avoided doing actions without causing damege    some problems that could be avoided are ,for example,exhaust fumes of this industries that is pollution our air,the cutting down tropical rainforest is killing our planet lung, waste in seas and rivers or reduced carbon oxido of atmosphere.  in my opinion there are a lot of ways to reduce the pollution as reciclying all type of material,switch of the lights go out home,put on more clothing in winter instead of turning up the heater,try to cook several melas at a time a mong other things.i for example recycle paper and glass and i throw used batteries un a special container. teacher.they are the peole who devote themselves to the education of the smal ones so that we may have a good hob in a future.his work is done in the schools where children of all ages are going to learn therefore it is necessary to be grateful to hem because we owse everythin we know to them

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