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Solomon’s? 1) a. True. The mines are enormous and would.. Israel and Judah. b. True. The vast copper mine lies.. Ansíen Hebrews. 2) Because of the discoveries they have seen in an Indiana Jones movie. B. They have always searched for the mines in Africa, because the novel, The Mines of King Salomo is carried out in Africa. 3) arid, heart; trading; closer 4) a. that/from; B. becoming/ a; C. gave; D. was written/whose; Do you think can recycle? 1) a. True. The village was forced to… two incinerators; B. False. Despite some… 80% today. 2) a. People must separate into no fewer than 34 categorías and they take non-organic rubbish to the zero-waste centre; B. One of the villages thinks is was a hard work at the begining but it’s asier now 3) aim; lid; ages; sort 4) a. don’t recycle/ will have to abandon; B. using/ of;

C. is made/ which; D. must be classified by colour Do you sleep enough? 1) False / False 2) Because this magazine was the one which Publisher the three articules in which sleeplessness question is dealt by the studies of the researchers.
Short-sleeping children show poor results in intelligence tests and they are more likely to suffer hyperactivity. 3) tackle/ sleeplessnes/ amant/ critical 4) often/ at; Who/than; From/their; Spent/ an
Smart shoes 1) a. False. The expressions… much televisión. B. True. Some experts think… physical condición. 2) B. It may be a way children and their familias into a common objective, avoid sedentary life a far as possible, for adults and children.
3) concerns/ expired/ device/ bring about
4) a. easiest/ from, B.which, C. of/ has increased, D. watching/ tries/ spent (155-150)

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