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"vacacciones"Last summer I travelled to California with my friends.We spent five days there.Most of the time it was sunny and warm,it was a holiday with a difference.We arrived on a Friday and we went straight to the bungalows we had bocked.Weunpacked,our suitcases,and got ready for our trip to the mountains.We took our backpack and started we were walking along the river when suddenly we saw a huge bear catching fish.We were frightened !! We knew we shouldn´t run so we waited until the bear left.We spent the rest our holidays in the bungalow playying games

"carta"Dear Carl,

How are you? I´m sorry I haven´t written before but I have been busy. I´m writting to tell you about a friend.I met her yesterday evening at the gym. I´d like you to meet her. Hername´s Lindsay , she is a nice girl .Sheis tall,she is slim.Her eyes are green and she´s got short,wavy and blonde hair.She´s intelligent and cheerful.I think you should meet her, because you´ve got many things in common.You both like reading and detective stories.In additionshe is looking for a tennins instructor and I know that you are good at playing tennins.Write soon. Regards. (firmar)

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