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Open window:*personajes:framton nuttel(tired,nervous)/mrs sappleton/vera(mature,intelligent,15years,mrs sappleton´s niece,she like invent stories)*preguntas:¿xq se yama open window?-because vera lies saying that mrs´s husband and brothes disappeared one day and the window is open because mrsS say,that hey will return and they will enter through that window.¿que 2 historias inventa vera?1ªabout mrs´s husband and her brothers who went hunting and fell on a bog.2ªnuttel that left the house because he was afraid of dogs¿q cancion cantan?"bertie why do you bound?" The penance: *personajes:octavian ruttle(active,friendly,licked people,farmer)/neighbours(3children who lived wath their aunt and uncle,parents lived in india/olivia(daughter of octavian,2years) *preguntas:¿cual es la penitencia?the penance was to grave at night and say it was a miserable beast many times stand on the cat´s grave .¿xq octavian mata al gato?because he thought it had killed his chickens.¿como se vengan los niños?they took olivia to the pigsties and they threatened to kill her.¿donde entierra el gato?near the oak tree .Morlvera:*personajes:morlvera(she wore a skirt and leopard-skin accesories,she´s face have a terrible expresion)/emmeline & bert(10y7years,poorchildren)/victor(a boy had a choose a doll for his cousin)/bertha(the cousin of victor)*preguntas:¿xq morlvera es especial?because she looked like a model in a fashion magacine¿xq los niños la odian?because it seems to have money and very bad .¿que historias inventan sobre la muñeca?say he wanted to be a rich man and poisoned his wife,he´s sarcastic and for many atrocities .¿xq se yama asi?emmeline thought this seemed like the name of an adventuress in a film .¿que hace victor con morlvera?victor threw the doll and it fell just one of the wheels .¿q historia inventan los pobres al final?he was the little boy that she had sent away to live with poor people.he came back and did that to her.Sredni vashtar: *personajes:conradin(10years,heloved with Mr de ropp,he was always sick)/Mrs de roop (cousin) / sredni vashtar(a polecat-ferret,a pet of conradin).*preguntas:¿que dos mundos tiene conradin?1ºthe real unpleasant worl,2ºhis imagination.¿xq conradin pide al huron q la mate?because it makes life miserable .¿xq conradin vivviria solo 5 añ os?because he´ s always sick .¿donde jugaba conradin? in a shed.¿q hace conradin cuando se entera de la muerte de mrs de roop? he´ s another piece of toast .Tobermory:*personajes:mrs bembley(organished a party and invited telented people for a 3/4days,she have a cat,tobermoy)/conelius appin(said little but was clever,made a scientific discovery,thought animals how to speak english)/tomcat(tobermory´s enemy) / wilfrid/mavis/agnes .*preguntas:¿xq tobermory es especial?because it´ s a cat who can speak .¿xq los invitados deciden matarlo?because it can tell what he knows their secrets to other people .¿q pasa al final?Tobermory is killed by tomcat .¿como son los invitados de la fiesta?are intelligent people, who plays the piano, playing cards, there are also scientists .¿que mata a cornelius?an elephant.Interlopers:*personajes:ulrich von gradwitz & georg znaeym *preguntas:¿xq se odian?because they wanted a piece of land and ulrich´s grandfather won the case but george continue hunting on the land and they hate death .¿porque cambian de opinion?porque ulrich le ofrece beber de su petaca a su enemigo george and forget everything

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