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Jhon Duncan: high,thin,45years,gray hair,glasses./David Wilson: business owner, young.

Merry Carter: chemical, short brown hair, beautiful face, 35 years.

Rachel Horslei: wife of Duncan (died in storm)/Andrew: son of Jhon, 13 years.

Cristine: daughter of Jhon, 16years, intelligent, good at sports, stronge.

Simon Macdonald: periodistic, husband of Cristine.

I did not like the end of the book, I wished Cristine forgive his father

and his grandson was  born healthy and I knew him, that there was inconclusive end.

Tim Vicary is a writer and he works at University of York. He has 59 years old

(born in 1949). Lives in North Yorkshine, United Kingdom.

He has also published two chidren's novels, Alfred's Oak, and Frame-Up,

and tow historical novels for adults, the Blood Upon the Rose and Cat and

Mouse, as well as a crime novel A Game of Proof under the pseudonym

Megan Stark.

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