Making requests

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making requests:
do you mind if...?/that depends./maybe you could/should.../could i/couldn't i?/no,i'm afraid not/we'll see(ya se verá)/what do you want to know?.what do you mean?/I'll have to think about it.

making suggestions:
shall we?/why don't we?/yo.we could/how about+verb+ing?/let's

invitations and preferences:
how would you like to?/i'd rather(not).i'd rather prefer(not)to/that would be great!.i'd love to!/go on!/thanks,anyway.

would you like to /how about -ing?/I'd love to! sorry,i can't.

requests: (pedir)
can you /please ...

suggestions and advice:
why don't you.../you could.yo should...

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