My best summer

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Currently there is many crimen because the younght have an antisocial behaviour. It is due to teenagers spend their free time playing violence videogames or watching television programmes. However the majority of people blame the parents for this bad situation, furthermore they don't have respect for their families. That way isn't correct. The laws should be harder and ban that everybody could do that they want. Drawing on my opinion it is necessary to change these laws for development of society.

My best summer ever:

Last summer holidays has been the best. I travelled to New York with my family. I learned pretty English with my cousins. I visited "La Estatua de la Libertad". We went to California, and the beach. I hope come back soon. I met the counsin's friends, they were very nice. My mother was angry because I spent too money in clothes. After the trip I worked in animals shop. I looked after neighbourds' children. Drawing on my opinion this summer has been funny.

The gadget that I think has made a difference to modern life is a computer. The computer's use advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand we can comunicate with other people staying at home, play videogames, buy the clothes which I like. However, this object can become bad for health provoking obesity. This less comunication between the family. Drawing on my opinion, I think that the computer has helped to the development's countries.

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