My family and other animals

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11,1.Their Great-aunt Herrnione from England wants lo come ro stay with the Durrells.
11,2.They move to a srnaller villa so that they can tell Great-aunt Hermione that she cant come to stay with thern because they havent got enough room.
12,1.In the new villa, Gerry has the opportunity to observe sorne green praying mantises and sorne transparent lizards caJled geckos.
12,2.With Mr Kralefsky, Gerry spends part of every Jesson talking about birds but he also leams a lot of history, geography and French.
12,3.Kralefsky's mother tells Gerry that flowers talk and that they have long conversations, although she can't understand their lan guage.
12,4.The magpies drop papers all over the floor and paper clips all over the carpet and bed. They make footprints in red and green ink on the table, floor and bed.
12,5.After the incident in Larry's room, Gerry decides lo build a cage for the magpies.
13,1.Gerry meets the prisoner, Kosti Panopoulos, when walking with his dogs
13,2.The prisoner wants to take Gerry fishing the following day lo catch fish for Alecko, the seagull.
13,3.Kosti Panopoulos is in prison because he killed his wife.
14,1.Gerry puts the snakes in the bath when he sees that they are almost dead.
14,2.Larry desc ribes the villa as a dangerous house because every comer is filled with dangerous creatures. He says this because he finds snakes in the bath.
14,3.When they sit down to lunch, Alecko bites sorne of the guests.
14,4.TheguestsgetwetwhenSpirothrowsabucket of water al the dogs in the living-room.
15,1.Mr Kralefsky suggests a school in England or Switzerland to finish Gerry's education.
15,2.Spiro starts to cry because he is sad that the Durrells are leaving Corfu. He considers them his family.
15,3.The guard at the Swiss border thinks that the Durrells are a travelling circus.

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