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My favourite town is called Alcoy and it's located on the heart of a mountain in the province of Alicante of the Valenciana Comunity. It has a population of about 61,000 people. It's the place I know best because I' ve lived here almost all my life.

It was originally a Roman town and the Roman and Moorish wall surronds the old town, whose narrow streets become wider as they approach the main square. Today it's a commercial, administrative and touristic town where visitors can admire medieval and Renaissance buildings.

Visitors to Alcoy can enjoy a beautiful view, bridges and roads, very friendly people and plenty of places to see. It also has a very important event, " Moors and Christians" which is held in April. There you can enjoy the party in which Christian celebrate their victory over the Moors.

So, if you want to enjoy the good food and the mixture of old and new, come to Alcoy; it's well worth a visit.

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