My sister is too short to be a fashion model

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6L2 A 1. ask … out 2. come up with 3. hand over 4. blind date B 1. pace 2. courage 3. date 4. prospective 5. growing 6. suit 7. introduce  8. worldwide 9. first move 10. survey C 1. was pleased to get an invitation. 2. was surprised to see so many old friends. 3. is hard to study at weekends. D1. healthy, unhealthy 2. movement, move, movable 3. satisfaction, satisfied, dissatisfied  4. logical, illogical 5. possibility, impossible 6. attraction, attractive, unattractive E 1. would have come if they had wanted to. 2. won’t be friends any more unless Sally apologises. 3. they had enough money, the Browns would buy a new car. 4. the teacher would cancel the maths test. 5. (that) we had got a dog. 6. (that) he hadn’t eaten all the chocolates. F 1.shy 2.young 3.French 4.gorgeous 5.long 6. red  7.enormous 9.unfashionable 10.old

A 1. date 2. appeals to 3. first move 4. strike up 5. courage 6. under pressure 7. approach 8. a means of  9. doubt  10. go wrong B 1. to call  2. laughed our heads off  3. put off 4. listening 5. comes up with C 1. She was delighted to hear the news. 2. It isn’t warm enough to swim outside. 3. My sister is too short to be a fashion model. 4. It isn’t easy to learn a new language. 5. John didn’t speak loudly enough so nobody heard him. D 1. decision 2. happiness 3. unattractive 4. organised  5. possibility A 1. which 2. who 3. when 4. that 5. whose 6. where B 1. Here is a photograph of the hotel where we stayed for a week. 2. Mark, whose sister lives in Sydney, has decided to travel to Australia. 3. I invited Amy to the jazz concert, which was very enjoyable. 4. The film is about a confused man who lost his memory.C 1. a. should be addressed  b. was delivered c. wasn’t written / hadn’t been written. 2. a. hasn’t been painted  b. is being painted  c. has to be sold D 1. she could invite the whole class to her party. 2. hadn’t been so expensive. / had been cheaper. 3. you were here with us. E 1. wouldn’t have enjoyed, had been 2. got up, would be 3. won’t get, book

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